Why Sistem Hotel Software?

User Friendly

Userfriendly Screens

Integrated Solutions

Integrated with the various accounting software,door lock systems,IPTV and Centrals

7/24 Support provided

Our experts provides local/remote help 7/24

Integrated Channel Manager

Integrated structure with Channel Manager and Booking Engine

Parametric Options

Sets the Software to fit your facility perfectly

Free Update

Allows free update during the first year of the purchase or during rental period

Hotel Software

Easy to Use

User interfaces are designed to be simple and easy.


Sistem Otel PMS does not allow deletion on the financial transactions. Only cancellation/reverse records are allowed. That keeps the software reliable on all times.

Transactions are traceable

All the critical transactions are logged. All the modifications and deletions are reported including time and user data.

Support and Help

Technical support is provided by our experts 7/24 local or through internet.


Safe and easy Audit is provided.

Multiple Languages

Supports English,Turkish,Russian ,French and Dutch Languages

Channel Manager Integration

Channel Manager is integrated. Availability is updated to the channels and reservations are retrieved automatically.

Booking Engine Integration

The solution is integrated into the hotels webpage. The hotels availability is automatically updated to the booking engine and also reservations are downloaded automatically.

Integrated with Multiple Accounting Softwares

Invoices , payments, purchases are transferred to the accounting softwares automatically. No need for the manuel input.

Central Integration

Central Integration listens to the Central and posts the phone calls with the detailed log.

Door Lock Integration

Room Card is automatically prepared on checkin and cancelled on check out. All the transactions can be reported.

Police and Gendarme Integration

Guests id informations are automatically uploaded to the local authorities for both (Police and Gendarme).


All the user interfaces and functions work according to the authorization and all the transactions are logged.

Newly joined hotels.

  • Mona Bosphorus Otel ( Ortaköy /İstanbul)

  • Lenora Airport Hotel ( ARNAVUTKÖY /İstanbul)

  • Art Suites Karaköy ( Karaköy /İstanbul)

  • The Canyon Kartepe ( kartepe /İzmit)

  • Asgard Hotel ( BEYLİKDÜZÜ /İstanbul)

  • Hotel Bilir ( YENİKAPI /İstanbul)

  • Dimora Otel ( Kadıköy /İstanbul)

  • Yamalya Hotel ( Taksim /İstanbul)

  • Dem Hotel Premium-İstanbul Airport ( Arnavutköy / İstanbul )

  • Daglı Suite Hotel ( ÇERKEZKÖY / Tekirdağ )

  • My Suite House ( AKSARAY / İstanbul )

  • No:23 Apartment ( Taksim / İstanbul )

  • Hug Galata ( Galata / İstanbul )

  • Galata Dream ( Galata / İstanbul )

  • The Most Hotel ( Şişli / İstanbul )

  • Click to view the whole list


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