Sistem Hotel Rate Checker

RateChecker is an integrated software tool that runs on Sistem Hotel Software in order to help you maximize your income performance. RateChecker lists all the previously selected competitors rates on simple reports to help you built better sales RateChecker enables you to reach these informations very quickly so your sell team can act correctly on time.

General Specifications

Rate checker enables you to see the rate difference with your competitors

Competitor rate analysis makes rate suggestions to imrprove sales

Sistem Hotel integration enables you to update availability and rate for specific dates quickly.

Presents visual and graphic reports containing rates for 45 days for you and for your competitors.

There are multiple filters available. You can filter your reports accourding to Pension type (Breakfast included,etc) ,roomtype,rate tipe (Refundable,Non-Refundable). You can view all rates on one screen.