Hotel Software

Easy to Use

User interfaces are designed to be simple and easy.


Sistem Otel PMS does not allow deletion on the financial transactions. Only cancellation/reverse records are allowed. That keeps the software reliable on all times.

Transactions are traceable

All the critical transactions are logged. All the modifications and deletions are reported including time and user data.

Support and Help

Technical support is provided by our experts 7/24 local or through internet.


Safe and easy Audit is provided.

Multiple Languages

Supports English,Turkish,Russian ,French and Dutch Languages

Channel Manager Integration

Channel Manager is integrated. Availability is updated to the channels and reservations are retrieved automatically.

Booking Engine Integration

The solution is integrated into the hotels webpage. The hotels availability is automatically updated to the booking engine and also reservations are downloaded automatically.

Integrated with Multiple Accounting Softwares

Invoices , payments, purchases are transferred to the accounting softwares automatically. No need for the manuel input.

Central Integration

Central Integration listens to the Central and posts the phone calls with the detailed log.

Door Lock Integration

Room Card is automatically prepared on checkin and cancelled on check out. All the transactions can be reported.

Police and Gendarme Integration

Guests id informations are automatically uploaded to the local authorities for both (Police and Gendarme).


All the user interfaces and functions work according to the authorization and all the transactions are logged.

Sales Module

Unlimited Company Address and Contact can be defined trough company definitions.

Agency contact notes can be processed trough company card.

Agency files and documents can be added to the system database.

Credit risk management is provided to agencies by defining the limits.

Door prices can be defined for price reliability.

Optional services can be provided to guests by creating the package price.

Rates are required by manager approval to keep it under control.

Contingencies can be reserved to the agencies based on room types on in general types within the given periods.

Agency sell records are saved and performance reports are prepared for better evaluation.

Breakdownlar price agreements can be made. This property is separated from the accommodation account accounts revenues within the desired range can be achieved.

Front Desk Module

Roomrack allows to monitor hotels status online

Daily or advanced bookings can be made to-day blockade.

Instant room condition change is avaliable via Housekeeping module

Technical Service and Room Service can be efficiently planned , facility capacity can be planed for the future.

Arrival control allows expected guests notifications.

Inhouse control allows to reach inhouse guests.

Departure control allows to reach departing guests.

Guest spendings can be processed into the Agency,Room or personal Folios.

The collections can be processed to the relevant accounts

Active folios are always available

Reserved or Walkin Type guests can checked in individually or as a group

Guests profiles are saved to help user to process a faster checkin

TC ID check is done by Sistem

Police XML can be created

Guests can be checked-out individually or as a group

Folio balance has to be paid before check out

Early Checkouts is warned in order prevent user errors

Folio balances can be transferred to the agency accounts

Room change and guest change can be processed very easily

Self type rooms can be connected to the agency folios

Room orders and messages can be recorded and reached from roomrack screen

Advanced filtering and search options allows fast room and groups reach

Room revenues and expected revenues can be monitored trough roomrack

Passes between related folios is very easy

Reservation Module

Agencies and Self typed reservation are accepted.

Rooms can be blockaded during the reservation.

Group and personel reservations are enabled.

Guaranty,Optional and Waitlist type reservations are enabled.

Agency Quotas are paramatically added to the availability to prevent overbooking.

3D graphical reports helps for better management.

Yearly Occupation Analysis screen give a large view.

Special days and holidays will give a better sense on pricing.

Keeps the facility way from dropping to the short.

Airport transfers can be added to the reservation.

Fixtur can be assigned to the groups or individuals.

Easy and fast reservation search.

Reservations contain color in order to distinguish.

Reservation related documents are saved within the reservastion records.

Guest information can be saved during reservation.

Guest information can be saved during reservation.

Pansion types can be assigned to the reservations in order to prepare meal plans.

Price changes can be made during group or individual reservations.

Prices can be assigned from price list or manuel prices.

Pricelist prepared for the agencies are available during agency reservations.

Cashier Module

Front office cash and credit transactions can be tracked from a single screen.

CityLedger and Pos Incomes can be tracked.

Foreign Currency transactions can be executed.

Cashbox transactions can reported with date limitations.

Shift openings are limited to the users.

Financial processes are groupped according to the type for analysis and faster results.

Cashbox payments are easily processed.

Foreign currency exchange are allowed

Facility cash status can be monitored both in local and foreign currecy

Back Office Module

Agencies and Companies are defined as different types so the back office accounts can be easily managable.

Agency credits are saved on this module as much detailed as possible.

Payable and receivable companies are easily spotted.

Collectings and Payments are very fastly executable.

Financial transactions are holded in periods in order to make it more traceable.

Detailed reporting options make financial planning possible.

Prepares manual invoices without limits.

Previous invoices are reachable through the system.

Cost Module

Purchases can be submitted into different storages.

Stock transactions are trackable by using different transaction types.

Cost calculations are based on logical algorithms.

Event planning budgets can be prepared with in the program.

Stuff consumption costs are easily calculated.

Cost transactions are devided into the periods so the past transactions can not be altered.

Storage transactions can be easily executed.

Waste stocks can be reported.

Transactions are limited to the stock balances.

Detailed reporting tools enables storage balances and transaction reports.

Pos Module

POS points are integrated to the main system.

POS points are integrated with COST module , sales deduct inventory from related storages in order to keep the balances.

Check balances can be transferred the guest accounts.

Sale data are reported in order to evaluate cashier performance.

Check search is easy and fast.

Multiple criteria search is allowed.

Menus support discount and additions.

Menu can be used in more than one POS.

Menu can be limited with the time constraints.

POS revenues are widely reported.

SPA Module

Santral Modülü

Central module is integrated to Sistem Otel.

There is no limit , Sistem Otel can work with any Central.

Monitors calls and transfers them to the related accounts.

Contour prices can be manuelly altered for each phone.

Contour prices can be manuelly altered for each departman.

Call details such as calling number,called number,date durations etc are saved.

Wide reporting options

Support both Ip and Serial Port Centrals


Reports can be emailed.

Reports support custom formats.

Reports can be save in six different format including MSExcel.

All the revenue and outgoings are reported.

POS revenues are reported.

Agency and other credit accounts are reported.

Reports support filtered data.

Needed reports can be added to the system.

01 Sistem Otel Programı Oda Planı

02 Sistem Otel Programı Walkin Oda Ayırma

03 Sistem Otel Programı Rezervasyon ve Blokaj

04 Sistem Otel Programı Şirket ve Fiyat Tanımları

05 Sistem Otel Programı Folyo ve Fatura İşlemleri

06 Sistem Otel Programı Folyo Türleri ve Aktif Folyolar

07 Sistem Otel Programı Kasa İşlemleri

08 Sistem Otel Programı Günsonu İşlemleri

09 Sistem Otel Programı CRM ve Hareketler

10 Sistem Otel Programı Housekeeper ve Teknik Servis İşlemleri

11 Sistem Otel Programı Kanal Yönetimi

12 Sistem Otel Programı Cari İşlemler

13 Sistem Otel Programı Personel ve Muhasebe Kasa

14 Sistem Otel Programı Pos - Restoran Modülü

15 Sistem Otel Programı Satın Alma ve Stok Tanımları

16 Sistem Otel Programı Stok Hareketleri ve Stok Transfer

17 Sistem Otel Programı Sayım İşlemleri ve Dönem Kapatma

18 Sistem Otel Programı Yardımcı Araçlar

19 Sistem Otel Programı HES Kodu Entegrasyonu